I was thinking… 3/27/2018

I was thinking…

Why is it, that everything we as a species does, seems like the exact opposite of what makes sense in this world?  We kill other animals for purposes other than food. We poison our own water supplies. We pollute our land, seas, and air.  We enslave ourselves to imaginary values that isolate and divide us.  We teach that simple traits are enough to consider another human as less than ourselves.  We hate, even without any real reason.  We follow those that openly admit to wanting us to come to harm.  We build weapons that can kill every living thing on this planet, and justify it by blaming someone other than ourselves.  We fear what we don’t understand, without ever trying to learn.  We don’t think for ourselves.  We never learn from our mistakes, blaming others for the wrongs in our lives.  We don’t love ourselves.

The worst one of all, is that we’re actually aware of everything listed above, have the means to correct all of them, and still do nothing about it.

What the Hell is wrong with us?


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