Money – A Rant

The worst thing in existence is money.  A simple enough sentence, and yet, I already know many of you are doubting it.  The question is, what exactly does money do that makes you think it’s a good thing?  Let’s look at a few questions to see what’s so special about money.

Does it make you free?  The answer is no.  In fact, it does the exact opposite of freedom, for it makes you a slave.  You sacrifice life and time to “earn” money, just to spend it all on things you need to survive.  Yet, no matter what you do, you’ll always need more.  You’re born to debt, and that debt grows as you do, and it passes on to someone else after you die.  There is no answer to money, except that you need it to survive.  The question is, why?  It’s imaginary, and so is its value.  There is not one thing in existence that gives money value, other than us.  If humans die out, money doesn’t go on.  If humans die out, money disappears.  Money is dependent on us, so why are we dependent on money?  Because somewhere, another human being has you under their boot.  They control you, enslave you, humiliate you, simply because they want power.  They want to be able to do whatever they want in the world, and they know, if you eliminate their money, they lose control over your life.

Does it really buy happiness?  Absolutely not.  You are trained from a young age that you will never have enough money to be happy.  You could win the lottery, but you’ll never be happy.  They want this, because the reality is, if money didn’t exist, all of our needs would be met through community values and you could actually be happy.  Money divides and isolates us from each other, from the world.  Money classifies us, and limits our options.  Money stereotypes us and rules over our decisions.  Money creates unnecessary fear.  They want us to think money drives us to work, but it actually forces us to obey.  Studies show that if you meet basic needs of an individual, they will work to meet the needs of the community they’re in.  Money has no value in communities, which is why they isolate those that push for those lifestyles.  The ironic thing is, countries in the 3rd world have a high level of happiness within villages that aren’t interfered with by money or power.  They may have need for medicines that aren’t local, but even illness isn’t as bad in many cases as these bleeding heart charities advertise.  (Ironically, as they ask you for money).  Money doesn’t buy happiness, it simply brings the need for more money.

Can we live without it?  YES, yes, and Hell Yes!  Native American tribes lived without money.  They traded with food and natural resources.  They work in communities.  Yes, they were all but wiped out by Europeans, because of money and greed.  They didn’t die because they needed money.  They didn’t die because they couldn’t live.  They died because they didn’t represent the level of greed or blind need to something that physically has no value.  Europeans wanted gold and other valuable resources, because it meant more money.  Trading a physical value for an imaginary one.  Sounds pretty dumb if you think about it, and yet people kill for it. We all know that, within reason, we need to work to survive.  Why should our work be set by a limited value, which is determined by a person that has never done the same work you do.

Now you know a few reasons why money is the worst thing in existence.

Thanks for reading.

You’re Welcome – A poem of Rights

You’re welcome to share what you think,
You’re welcome not to agree,
But don’t pour me that agenda you drink,
And dictate what rights don’t belong to me.

You’re welcome to let fear guide you along,
You’re welcome to let them tell you what to do,
But don’t bother telling me my beliefs are wrong,
and don’t think I’m not equals with you.

You’re welcome to think guns are bad,
You’re welcome to want to feel protected,
But don’t think I have to buy into this fad,
and don’t get mad when gun bans get rejected.

You’re welcome to an opinion on everything,
You’re welcome to choose to debate,
But my freedom is not some toy on a string,
and you do not control my fate.

So you’re welcome to think our rights must go,
and you’re welcome to believe they have your best interest at heart,
I’ll keep my life, liberty, and all the rights I know,
For if they take even one freedom, it will only be the start.

Knowledge is power and its our choice to whom we give it,
why give up that power to someone who doesn’t care for you one bit?

Think about it.

I was thinking… 3/27/2018

I was thinking…

Why is it, that everything we as a species does, seems like the exact opposite of what makes sense in this world?  We kill other animals for purposes other than food. We poison our own water supplies. We pollute our land, seas, and air.  We enslave ourselves to imaginary values that isolate and divide us.  We teach that simple traits are enough to consider another human as less than ourselves.  We hate, even without any real reason.  We follow those that openly admit to wanting us to come to harm.  We build weapons that can kill every living thing on this planet, and justify it by blaming someone other than ourselves.  We fear what we don’t understand, without ever trying to learn.  We don’t think for ourselves.  We never learn from our mistakes, blaming others for the wrongs in our lives.  We don’t love ourselves.

The worst one of all, is that we’re actually aware of everything listed above, have the means to correct all of them, and still do nothing about it.

What the Hell is wrong with us?

Not Afraid

Find hope through your pain,
Find shelter within the rain,
Every loss can be a gain,
If you’re not afraid.

Find peace among the storm,
Find your cool within the warm,
Every dream can take form,
If you’re not afraid.

Find love among the hate,
Find answers within the debate,
You can control your fate,
If you’re not afraid.

Fear should never be in control,
Life should never take a toll,
You have the power within your soul,
Because you’re not afraid.

The 2nd Amendment – Rant

There’s been so much going on in the United States about guns, including laws and rights.  There are movements involving school students, and even attempted laws to ban certain weapons from the open market.  I’ve been reading loads of articles and news reports, and even looked into school education about gun laws and the 2nd amendment.  What I’ve found is deeply disturbing.

To understand my rant, I want to share the 2nd amendment, word for word.
“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The first problem is with modern education, which only states the 2nd amendment as “The right to keep and bear arms”.  It doesn’t include, or explain anything about the reasoning behind or the full definition of the amendment. It doesn’t elaborate on the historical relevance of the amendment, or how its need has evolved as our nation has grown.  In fact, beyond “The right to keep and bear arms”, the education system is alarmingly ignorant to the 2nd amendment, other than the detail about it allowing people to own guns.

The second problem I noticed, not only with education, but the entire situation as a whole, is the fact that nobody seems to know the actual gun laws per state and federal documents beyond what is shared by the media.  This leads to the conclusion that they’re protesting simply because they’re told to do it, as gun laws need to be changed.  This also causes another problem with the fact that there isn’t anything set in writing proposing what to change, and what is to come in replacement. It seems that peer pressure and drastic events are being used to push teens, complete with lack of knowledge regarding the issue and irrational fear, to accept giving up freedoms for the promise of being safer.

The worst problem is the fact that these younger generations are being convinced that the 2nd amendment is outdated and doesn’t apply to the present.  This also falls in line with the fact that they only think the 2nd amendment is the right to own guns.  They seem to also think the government is on their side, and will protect them.  This is horrible, and very disturbing, to think how they’ve already tricked people to willingly give up rights for protection.

In 2016, the enacted budget for the military was 521.7 billions dollars.  For education, 68 billion.  Even if you add in the sum of infrastructure spending to education, you won’t hit a quarter of the military budget.  This is why the second amendment exists, so that the citizens of this country have some level of control over their freedoms, and their safety.  If the government turned on its citizens, and it CAN happen, those without protection would be forced to submit to military power.  This has happened in the past, in fact, its how our country was founded.  The second amendment isn’t outdated, as these military dictations happen all over the world even as you read this post.  To say it can’t happen in the U.S. is to forget why our country needed to be founded in the first place.  Oh, and if anyone for one second thinks our government wouldn’t hurt its own citizens, just look at the bloody trail our history has shown, from trail of tears, Saint Louis toxins, Detroit riots, Japanese-american internment camps, Waco, Dakota Pipeline incidents, imminent Domain cases in U.S. history, and it goes on and on.

Criminals don’t need or follow laws to when planning and committing horrible crimes.  Guns are made all over the world, and every nation with bans on firearms has either a tyrant in power committing horrible atrocities, or a serious problem with illegal firearms.  The worst parts of the U.S. for gun violence are ones with gun bans or severely strict gun laws, including Chicago, Detroit, New York City, and New Orleans.

In conclusion, the 2nd amendment is more important now than ever before in the U.S.  It’s under attack by political agendas and ignorance, and it needs our help.  I ask you not to believe what you’re told, not even by myself, without verifying all information on multiple unrelated or linked sites.  The internet is a powerful tool, and used properly, you can get beyond the funneling and filtering of information.  We need to teach our kids what the 2nd amendment is, whether we agree with it or not, so they can be informed and understand what they’re being pushed into by our government.  Knowledge is the most powerful tool in existence, and younger generations are being denied this great tool.  Look at the budget spending I listed above, and tell me that the priorities are in the right place.  I think not.  Do you agree or disagree?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!