Precious over Possession – Poem

The people in your life should never be compared to an item.
They should hold a value of so much more.
There shouldn’t even be a comparison of people,
against the things you can buy in a store.

A person or memory cannot be possessed like an everyday item,
for they’re far to precious to simply place a dollar amount.
They cannot be replaced if broken or lost,
unlike an item sitting on shelves with a seemingly endless count.

If you hold an item at a value greater than a simple dollar sign,
Those things you possess will gain possession over you.
Treasure your memories and those people held dear,
and realize its precious over possession in all you do.

Changing of the year – Poem

A year of passion, A year of pain, A year of loss, A year of gain. It hasn’t been the best, nor has it suffered as the worst, It seemed like an ever-filling cup, yet it never quenched our thirst. We nearly froze from the start, things broken left and right, troubles with health never went away, yet we continued the noble fight. A summer that chilled to the core, A winter that blasted us with snow, People passing on all around us, each tear a flood as we let them go. The year has ended here tonight, but the battle for our souls rages forevermore, Last year has passed us by and yet we wonder, what will this year have in store? Treasure each and every moment, as if each breath may be your last, because as we all should know by now, this year will go by very fast. God Bless and Happy New Year.