My Christmas Wish to You this year!

Hey everyone,  Thank you for following my blog.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed my work and posts on here.  As many of you know, Christmas is very close.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I do hope you have a wonderful time in whatever your beliefs guide you to this time of the year.   I do have a small request, a wish as it were, from all of you.  Poetry isn’t my only material, and though I share my poetic words with you freely, the other stuff does cost money.  Fear not, I do my best to be inexpensive, but with a family of 5 (Me, wife, and three incredible kids), life does require I cannot give it all away (Wish I could).  My Christmas wish is that you purchase 1 of my three stories and books, and leave a review after reading.  Here are your choices.

Morning Warning:  A short story as an eBook and Audio Book.  eBook is only $0.99.  Link below :

Fairy vs Leprechaun: The Battle for Faith   Only available as an Audio Book

The Realities of Autism: Misconceptions is a non-fiction book researched over many years, including being Autistic and having 3 Autistic kids.  Available in eBook  and Paperback.  eBook is $2.99 and paperback is $9.99


Thank you all so much for reading, and watch out, because there is tons of stuff still to come!

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