Month: December 2017

Realities of our approach to Autism

The problem with the common approach to Autism is the perception it states an individual with Autism has towards the world. They treat an individual as if the light bulb of senses is dimmed, and unable to fully process what he/she takes in. The…

My Christmas Wish to You this year!

Hey everyone,  Thank you for following my blog.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed my work and posts on here.  As many of you know, Christmas is very close.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I do hope you have a wonderful time in whatever your…

Book Recommendations – Week 1

As part of being an aspiring Author, the best part of my research and education is the books I get to read.  As I’ve grown into writing over the years, I realized that every little bit of help is a blessing.   So, since I…

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