The Enchanting Pin: The Prelude (hint of things to come)

While I was traveling along one day,

Down a dark, dismal, long passage way.

Something shiny caught the corner of my eye,

Lost and afraid, I thought I would die.

But it wasn’t anything that would kill me,

So I went to look for what I could see.

After searching around for several days,

With an unknown passion and craving in several ways.

A need that only increased when I spotted it,

There it was, grasped in my hand as I fell back to sit.

It just looked like a simple pin to most,

But it was so magnificent to me, I went running to boast.

Soon I came to a village upon the road,

I went in the pub to show off my new load.

They laughed at my pin when I showed them all,

But soon a silent stare seemed to have overcome the hall.

Now excuses of a lost pin were ringing in my ear,

Excuses of it being a family treasure, or something held dear.

Soon requests to return it became commands,

And people were trying to rip it from my hands.

Suddenly a feeling of power and rage came from inside,

Within minutes those that weren’t dead were trying to hide.

When I finally realized what I had done,

Murdering people as if it were a game, or something fun.

I was so scared, I couldn’t figure out what came over me,

I ran away so fast, a blur is all people could see.

As soon as I was far enough away,

This was after running for almost a day.

I lied down on the grass to catch my breath,

And ponder how I could be the cause of so much death.

What had happened, they were all laughing at first,

But soon they’re eyes were filled with an endless thirst.

It is nothing more than a simple pin after all,

But that thought caused more pain then I could ever recall.

I felt the need to hold it in my hand to see,

It was like nothing else in the world mattered to me.

I couldn’t understand, never could I let it go,

It’s just a pin made of wood, shaped like a tip of an arrow.

I think of oak, or maybe maple with a jewel on it,

An emerald shaped like an arrowhead made a perfect fit.





But how could it drive me to fight and even kill,

And worse even, it seemed to give me an evil thrill.

But I never gave it another thought for I watched the pin,

A feeling of joy warmed me, I felt as though this were kin.

A smile soon was upon my face once more,

And I continued on the path until I found a cellar door.

I kicked hard and busted it right in,

I quickly looked around to see if anyone was within.

Happy to realize that I was alone at last,

Starving, I started searching the shelves for some breakfast.

Now this cellar which seemed quite small at the door,

Was actually huge and open with wooden boards on the floor.

The walls were lined with shelves full of stuff,

And as I looked around, I knew the search for food would be rough.

I finally found a jar of pickled eggs,

So I sat down by the door to rest my legs.

After eating about a dozen eggs I decided to take a nap,

I slept very merrily until I was awaken by a hard slap.

I jumped and lounged at whoever had hit me,

I threw the person to the ground until I could clearly see.

But there was a beautiful woman laying on the ground,

She screamed and struggled as we rolled around and around.

Finally I cleared my throat and asked what she was doing,

She just stared at me with a look like another scream was brewing.

I calmed down and asked her for her name and why I was slapped,

But the fear in her eyes quickly turned to greed as she snapped.

Ripping at my pockets with strength I’ve never felt,

I could barely fight her off with the blows that I dealt.

She acted like an animal with the taste for blood,

Greed washed over her like an evil flood.

Again and again, she lashed out at me,

Until with one final blow, I managed to break free.

Now I found myself running once more,

Trying to figure out what went wrong back at the cellar door.

But before I could find a reason for the madness,

I slipped off the edge of the trail into the abyss.

The drop seemed to last for an eternity,

Until I noticed the ground rushing up at me.

I hit with such force I left an indent in the dirt,

Quickly I checked myself to see where I was hurt.

Amazingly I was left without a scratch anywhere,

I didn’t understand how but I really didn’t care.





My focus immediately went back to the pin,

To check to see what condition it was in.

With nothing wrong, a wave of relief rushed over me,

As I sat there with the pin in my hand so I could see.

What is happening to me, I began to wonder,

About the events of the last several days, I began to ponder.

I would never hurt a soul in the past,

But in the pub I killed people right down to the last.

And to hit a woman is completely wrong indeed,

But at the cellar I beat that woman with a smile of greed.

I can’t understand what is wrong with me,

I’ve changed, but what might the cause be.

Then it hit me like a pile of bricks,

Something was taking control and playing its tricks.

This pin seems to influence everyone around it,

In only a couple days it turned my life to shit.

I must destroy it before it controls me again,

But just then a green glow emanated from the pin.

Suddenly every waking thought belonged to it,

And any thought of destroying it vanished bit by bit.

A smile was on my face as I lied down to sleep,

But deep inside a part of me began to weep.

I couldn’t understand why I was so sad,

Why did this beautiful pin suddenly make me feel bad?

Soon I was fast asleep in a terrifying dream,

In it I was standing at the head of a team.

They were all heavily armed and looking up at the skies,

When I looked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The sky was filled with vultures as far as the eye could see,

Then the terror hit me, this just could not be.

The ground was completely littered with the dead,

I couldn’t take the sight; I tried to turn my head.

But everywhere I looked, dead blank eyes stared back at me,

I tried to speak, to ask how this could be.

But before I could speak a single word out loud,

A soldier came to me from the crowd.

“It’s done as you asked, my lord” he said,

“All your enemies are disgraced and dead”.

I woke up shaking and completely wet,

I tried to recall the nightmare as I wiped away the sweat.

One image came to me after a minute or two,

An image of bodies piled high came into view.





And on top of the pile, I sat with a grin,

And there in my hand sat that evil pin.

This had to stop now before I kill again,

If I don’t do something now, this pin will win.

And that image will soon come to be,

This is something I must prevent for everyone, not just me.

For this pin can control all who come across it,

And it will destroy the world bit by bit.

So I grabbed a rock and swung it with all my might,

But as I swung, the pin began to put up a fight.

Taking control of my other hand, it hit me,

And as I flew back it knocked itself free.

I looked everywhere but it was no where in sight,

I felt like I failed and was filled with fright.

What if someone finds it and it takes control,

The consequences of my failure will take a terrible toll.

For what if that person can’t fight the power of the pin?

All will be in darkness and evil will win.

But before another thought could pass through me,

High above, a group of rocks where set free.

Crashing down, I was killed instantly,

The story has ended, it’s over for me.

But the pin has survived and soon another will follow,

Casting the world into the dark and hollow.

Will evil endure or will good find a way,

Well, that’s another story for another day.

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