On the day when Angels cry,
A terrible cloud twice filled the air,
Horrible death cut across the sky,
Igniting flames of terror and despair.
On the day when two titans fell,
Hidden within their own tragic veil,
Heroes vanished within this Hell,
Even the best efforts could not avail.
On the day when our nation paid,
With thousands of souls that were lost,
Let us never let one of those voices fade,
As we remember that terrible cost.
On the day we fell silent in September,
9/11 and the Hell we went through,
We found our voice and will always remember,
Strength flows in the Red, White, and Blue.

Where were you when the twin towers fell?  I’m sure many can still tell, in great detail.  I was staying at my grandparents at the time.  I had been asleep when the first plane hit, as I was up earlier to feed the animals.  I awoke to my grandpa saying “Wake up, we’re under attack”.  Of course, I thought it was like an invasion, not a terrorist action.  I got out to the living room to watch the news, and like many of you, watched on live TV as the second plane hit.  We sat there, mesmerized and terrorized, as they showed video of things that would never normally air.  People jumping from the buildings, clear view of bodies they never meant to air, and conflicting reports of what was actually happening.

Nobody knew for sure what was going on, but we knew allot of people were lost.  Yes, there are still conspiracies floating around about what really happened that day.  The truth is, it doesn’t matter.  We lost so many lives, and everybody started pointing fingers.  At this time, what does it matter, for we must move forward.  This however, doesn’t mean we should forget.  The biggest thing that we should be doing, is feeding off the heroic deeds of so many people that day.

Do good in this world, as even the smallest deeds can have the biggest impacts.  After all, if we keep letting evil get all the attention, we will all fall.  Let us now take a moment, remember those that were lost.



Blessings on this day,



Social Media is a social failure

So many friends, yet I haven’t met one.
Multiplayer is the only way to have fun.
Social life exclusively online,
brainpower on the decline.
Such a thing as real life is all but done.

All I see when I go on social media is how stupid people are online.  I can only hope that doesn’t translate into reality, or this world really is in trouble.  People talking about comparing unborn children to eagle eggs, or insulting to pope for making a plea to abandon fossil fuels.  At the same time as people attack others for talking facts and science (Even ironically, the head of a religious group), they’re praising people with no talent beyond flashing their ass online to everyone.  Seriously, what is wrong with people?

This planet is in trouble, and it’s our fault.  This is a fact, with mountains of scientific evidence to back it up.  Heck, there’s environmental evidence all around us.  How could people think that bleeding this planet dry of oil has no consequences?  How could people think that burning all that oil won’t have atmospheric consequences, especially with billions of people on this planet?  Finally, why the heck are people letting companies and governments withhold technologies that could stop, and even reverse many of these damages?  It’s all about the money.

Did you know, there are dozens of alternate energy technologies that have already been proven to work?  They can run literally everything we currently use in life from handheld tech to entire cities, without the waste.  Why don’t they already start changing everything?  It’s because the patents are all owned by the oil companies.  Every time a new technology pops up, they swoop in and offer the creators billions of dollars for the patents.  Greed is an easy thing to keep under control.

Other than money, social media is one of the biggest ways a few people are keeping the masses under control.  People are under the illusion they have choices, and yet they’re attached to these electronic devices.  They’re slaves to something that fits easily in the palm of their hands.  After all, who actually wants to face reality when you can judge it online, without having to do a single thing.  Puppets on a digital string.

I have a challenge for all of you.  Disconnect for one day a week.  No television, no cell phones, no computers, not even the radio.  Go outside, and do something in the world.  Leave all technology at home.  Take a walk in nature, or on the beach.  Go swimming, or go to a local park.  Meet up with friends, or even find a shady tree and read an actual book.  Understand what the world actually is, for technology has nothing to do with nature, no matter how hard they try to copy it.  Learn, and observe.  See the pollution we create, and the waste we leave everywhere around us.  See the animals we torture, kill, and display for our own amusement.  Take eyes off the technology and see the world.  When you see it, then you can learn how to change it.  You can improve it!

Thanks and many blessings,


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From the pages… Prints on the glass

Here’s a poem from the pages of Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection.

As you walk into a public place with a glass door,
You’ll notice prints on the glass of all shapes and sizes,
Most people think that they’re smudges and nothing more,
But if you only knew, each one tells a story full of surprises.
Starting from the top, you see a giant print of a full hand,
With several marks around the palm that look like scars,
This belongs to a young man that reaches seven feet at a stand,
Who dreams someday to compete with his favorite basketball stars.
But his mother became ill his junior year at school,
And he had to drop out to be by her side,
Working at a lumber mill, feeling like a fool,
But around his mother, this pain and depression he tries to hide.
But soon all the responsibilities he tosses around,
Get to be too much for him to cope,
So soon after his mother gets put into the ground,
He takes his own life with a short drop from a tied rope.
You quickly look further down the glass close to the middle,
You notice two hand prints set side by side,
These are from a couple, who worry about very little,
For their love is so deep, to each other, they have nothing to hide.
They’re newlyweds with dreams of being together forever,
With a family full of wonderful and beautiful children,
But as they soon learn, having a child proves to be an impossible endeavor,
For her ovaries had to be removed because of the cancer that filled in.
But together, all obstacles overcome and her health regained,
Though the hopes of having children are all but done,
Even with the problem, one option still remained,
Adoption of several children proves that love, in the end, has won.
With a last long look, you continue down with a smile,
You notice a child’s hand print just under the door handle,
But the smile fades after you gaze at it for a while,
For this boy could be compared to the fragile light of a candle.
So delicate, the slightest change could put it out,
But left alone, it still slowly melts away,
The problem was this boy’s parents would often fight and shout,
Until finally, his mother just packed and left one day.
Alone with his father is what caused most of his fear,
For he would always abuse the boy when he could,
But now, the abuse continued daily for the next year,
The boy was afraid to call for help, but every day he knew he should.
His father kept feeding him lies of what would happen to him,
If he told anyone what was being done to him every day,
His father said that he would be laughed at and nobody would believe him,
He was so afraid of his father; he never had anything to say.
But soon the torture turned fear to rage,
And a monster was building up inside the boy,
One day he snapped and let the monster out of its cage,
And as he stabbed his father to death came a feeling of joy.
Ripping your eyes away from that print on the door,
And wiping the tears away from your face,
Should you dare to glance around a bit more?
You finally decide to check out just one more place.
Near the bottom of the glass, a print catches your eye,
A small hand print that belongs to a little girl,
As you stare at it, you begin to cry,
While the images of her story start to unfurl.
Such a sweet little girl without a single worry or care,
As she laughs and sings while skipping along,
But under her hat you notice she has no hair,
And you realize that something is wrong.
For this sweet little girl just came from the doctor,
And the radiation side effects haven’t yet taken their toll,
Soon her mother picks her up and begins to rock her,
Tears build in her mother’s eyes as she cradles that little soul.
As the images of her story continue to pass,
Her mother’s eyes fill with sorrow and doubt,
You see her lying in bed, drinking from a glass,
as her mother reads her a story, and turns the lights out.
Next you find her awake in, what you now realize is a hospital bed,
As her mother and the doctor come to her bed side,
Her mother leans down and kisses her on the forehead,
Tears running down her cheeks to which she tries to hide.
But what the doctor tells them erases all fear,
And the little girl starts jumping on the bed,
For the cancer is gone and she’s in the clear,
Tears of joy fill her mother’s eyes as she holds her daughters head.
So now you have an idea of what these prints mean,
For most people, they’re just marks on a dirty window as they pass,
But for those who stop and focus on what is really being seen,
They can see the stories behind the prints on the glass.

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Thanks and many blessings,


What has passed is past.

Why do we focus on yesterday?
When everything has gone away.
There’s nothing more you can do,
Yesterday has already been run through.
It’s time to invest on today!

Tomorrow will never come any quicker,
The hour glass will never grow any thicker,
Live your life for today,
Let the worry fade away,
and stop getting stressed about that ticker.

(From the pages of Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection)

Life is beautiful,
Life is tragic,
Life is pitiful,
Life is magic.
Life is faith,
Life is lies,
Life is pain,
Life is compromise.
Life is love,
Life is hate,
Life is random,
Life is fate.
Life is empty,
Life is true,
Life is dirty,
Life is you.
Life is fear,
Life is bliss,
But above all else,
Life is…

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Ever the winds of chaos

Pushing forward, yet standing still.
will it ever make it over the hill?
Destructive to all in the way,
Will we make it through the day?
or will this monster come to kill?

The Hurricane off the coast of Florida hasn’t moved very much.  So here I sit, wondering how bad it’s going to be when it does finally arrive.  In the mean time, my thoughts go to the people getting absolutely pummeled in the Bahamas.  Going more than 24 hours dealing with winds well over 100 mph is beyond a nightmare.  Think about it, your house gets ripped apart from flooding, high winds, and who knows what else, forcing you to vacate your only shelter.  Did you know, when outside in winds over 80 mph, it’s very hard to breathe.  In fact, it almost feels like the wind is ripping the air out of your mouth.  Now imagine having no choice but to go out, in winds double that 80 mph, to seek out more shelter.  That’s the terrifying reality of the Bahamas until this monster passes.

Entire islands are under water, and utilities are all gone.  If they’re lucky, their drinking water hasn’t been washed away in the massive storm surge, and who can eat with violent winds blasting in for hours on end.  These nightmares sound like something out of a story, but they’re all too real.

Bottom line, if you pray, keep the people in the Bahamas within those prayers.  If not, keep them in your thoughts.  Either way, it’s going to be a long recovery, if that storm ever decides to finally move on.

Many blessings,


Note: Normally I’d plug one of many stories for sale here, but out of respect to those in the Bahamas, I’d like to recommend everyone donate to the American Red Cross, or any organization offering assistance to Hurricane Dorian.

Why we need Rain Forests…Rant

Okay people, I have a problem.  In fact, we all do.  Ever wonder what it’s like to breathe with only one lung?  If things keep going the way they are, you’ll find out within twenty years.  The rain forest, in South America and all over the world, is in danger of being wiped out.  The Amazon, presently on fire, is responsible for almost 20% of our planets oxygen in a given year.  If we don’t stop, that’s almost half of one lung gone.  In Asia and Africa, there’s another 25% of oxygen.  Yes, these forests are also being destroyed, including fires.  Hey, might as well say one lung gone.  Scary thought, but this is only the beginning of the problem.

What many people seem to overlook is the domino effect.  Yes, the loss of an ecosystem is going to throw off this entire planet.  Yes, living with reduced oxygen will be difficult.  The worst part is however, that fact that if the rain forest dies, so shall we.  Our planet requires a level of balance, and we cannot restore or recreate a proper rain forest ecosystem.  Once it’s gone, that’s it, forever will it remain extinct.  The effects of its loss will ripple across this planet.  One by one, other ecosystems will fail, damaged by a connection we never fully understood.  Within a lifetime, what was a life-sustaining blue marble of a planet, will become a baron wasteland, empty and void of life.  Guess what, it’ll be our fault.

This is where I get really pissed.  People go on social media stating that things like eating less meat, or pledges of donations will make all the difference.  This is all crap!  I know, agriculture is part of the issue.  However, methods and technology are already available to stop the need to destroy these forests.  So, the question becomes, why aren’t they using these tools and saving the forests?  Two words will say it all.  MONEY, and POWER.

This gets even more complicated, as because of money and power, people seem to easily ignore science.  Man-made Climate Change is still a debate.  There’s over 7 billion people on this planet, are people really so ignorant to think that many couldn’t cause a climate change?  Especially with the resources 1 person in any of 100 countries uses in 1 year.  Even so, science has already proven we affect the climate, but a debate rages on.  It’s all because of money and power.  We can even add in a third word that escalates the issue, OPINION.

Now, I’m like the rest of you.  We gave up our individual power to other people, and let ourselves get distracted by our daily lives.  None of us think we can make a difference.  Even worse, our minds are corralled and led to believe what these people want, providing the illusion of free thinking while denying it.  I’m awake now, and I really don’t like what I’m seeing.  Maybe it’s time everyone does the same.  We’re killing the very thing that keeps us alive, and we’re doing it for something that has no real value.  There are over 7 billion of us, and 1% is controlling the rest like puppets for something else that really has no value.  Money and Power.

Wake up people.  Save the rain forest, and save the world.  If you really are that selfish of a person, you’d be saving yourself as well.

Thanks for reading and many blessings,


To the North I tell you!

Just a bit westward it goes,
it then shifts back to the east,
nobody really ever knows,
the path of the beast.
We sit and worry what will be,
waiting for each new update to come,
All we can do is stand by and see,
where the worst will come from.
Fear is worse than the storm outside,
There’s no reason for life to stand still,
There’s nowhere to run or hide,
so we should continue on until…
It’s here!

The coming storm is slower, stronger, and larger than previously predicted.  The good news for Florida, is that they may avoid a direct hit.  People who planned for the new Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World will be happy, as the park doesn’t close unless it gets really bad.  Further north however, they’ve begun to worry.  The storm might even make it to category 5 before running up the coast line.  If you live on the east coast, prepare for major storm surges, as this beast has a kick.  Florida counties have already issued evacuations for barrier areas, and low land near the ocean.  Be safe everyone, all along the east coast.

Thanks for reading and many blessings,


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