New Update and Official Launch Date

Hey everyone,

As many of you already know, it’s been a rough go as of late.  It’s been nothing short of a nightmare, between my health and financial situation, but I’m surviving.  That being said, I can either sit on this depressive state and watch all chances of moving forward burn up with time, or I can carve out my spot in literary history.  That’s a tough choice, right?

First, I’m pushing forward on my official release of the website.  My first post of new material will get published on November 18th.  I’ve decided it’s time to get aggressive, and to do that I need a good foundation.  The website will be a perfect avenue for said foundation.

The best way to launch my website will be with unique original content, creating an attractive draw for new readers.  I’m excited about my website exclusive serial novel, entitled Trials of an Immortal, which will begin on the launch day of November 18th.  New chapters will run every one or two weeks, depending on the time schedule I will announce at another time.  The greatest thing about this series is that it begins thousands of years ago, with no modern day connections.  I can’t wait for you to read it!

The next thing to talk about is my artistic brand.  I’m really looking to push new boundaries to help support my writing as it grows.  Although I will never charge anyone for my website, I will be making it possible to leave donations to help support my art.  On top of that, through a third party (And possibly on Amazon) I’ll be offering shirts and other merchandise with original artwork and content.  Again, this is strictly to support my writing, and by no means do I expect it to be a huge seller.

Speaking of Amazon and other sellers, I’m going to push my already active publications.  This includes rewriting and releasing older titles from my learning phase of writing, such as Worse, Lord of the Mullets, and Sword of Time.  On top of that, I’ll be completing these series of novels over the next few years.  This will be on par with new material.

The next couple weeks are going to be tough, as I have loads of work ahead of me.  I’ll also need to find income during this period to help get out of this bad situation my family is facing.  That being said, I have a GoFundMe that you can provide donations to on a temporary basis while I set all this up.  Please follow the link below and support the arts.
GoFundMe Page 

Any help would be incredible, so if you’d like something for your money, please buy any of my works already available online.  Most are available everywhere books are sold, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Below are links to a couple places.

Amazon Author’s Page

Barnes & Noble Author List

More updates to come as the launch date approaches.

Thanks and God Bless,







New Cover Art Reveal

Although I’ve been struggling, I am still working hard!  Here’s the first look at the new cover art for the brand new edition of Lord of the Mullets.  Coming soon!

More updates coming soon!  Stay Tuned!!!!



A Prayer for Help!

Click to donate at GoFundMe

Please help.  Thanks and God Bless



Dire Trouble

It’s darkness and fear.  Pain consuming my mind.
It’s found it’s way here.  Joy left me behind.

Desperate is the hour, troubled is my soul.
I pray for hope and I pray for help, before it takes it’s tole.

Please Donate:  GoFundMe

If donations aren’t your thing, please buy one of my books.   Anything helps!

Amazon Book List:  A.M.Sawyer’s Book List

Thank you and God Bless.



The Desperate Hours

A shot in the dark, a hope and a prayer, desperate for my family, looking for someone who to care.

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Please help!

I’m in Need of Help!

Hey Everyone,

I know the official launch is still over a month away, on December 1st.  However, a complication has risen that jeopardizes it from happening.  In short, my family has suffered from the perfect storm of bad  events and bad timing.  I knew things would be tight after the first situation, but they kept coming.  Out of a desperate need to help my family, my wife and three kids, I’ve started a GoFundMe.  I don’t like these, but I have no choice.

Short of something of good fortune happening, which sadly has always eluded me,  I’m facing the loss of everything my family owns.  Obviously, this would all but stop all the progress I’ve made in writing since August, and prevent me from getting anything accomplished for my family.  I’m asking for help.  The specifics of the situation are on the GoFundMe, and the link is below.  Please, even if you’re unable to help financially, sharing with others can help.

Here’s the direct link:  Help Us Survive the Perfect Storm

I hope to have a new Author update soon, but it’ll strongly depend on if I can get some support here.  If you don’t own any of my work, and would like to support this with a purchase and a review, I’d be very grateful that way as well!  The link to my Amazon books is posted below.  Any way you can help would be incredible.  Thank you and God Bless.

Amazon: Author Page on Amazon

Note: Picture above is my three kids, Andrew, Liam, and Lena

I also have a fur baby named Tiger:


What’s coming up!

It’s never over, I’m never done.
I’ll never stop the fight, until I’ve won.
It’s never hopeless, I’ll never leave.
Nothing can prevent me, for I’ll always believe.
It’s never impossible, I’ll never lose.
It’s my destiny, and it’ll be the one I choose.

Greetings everyone,

First thing on the quick list for today, my upcoming short story.  Yes, I’ve said I have one coming in time for Black Friday (November 28th).  Although the synopsis isn’t quite ready to share, I can say I’m happy with the title.  Without further ado, I present for your reading pleasure (Well, on November 28th at least),  “As The Ashes Fall”

I’m shooting for about 13,000 words for this one, so it should be a good read.  Cover Art will be revealed in early November, along with the cover art of another title. (I’m not saying)

Next on the list is a teaser for the serial novel I’m starting with the official site relaunch on December 1st.  If you haven’t read yet, the overall title of the series is Trials of an Immortal.  This series begins back when the pyramids were new, as our main character Eti, is already old.  How old, well, he’s not quite sure.  Here’s the teaser to help you out:

There’s much of my past that is lost, broken in a war I could never win.  So much of that war I cannot remember, for it feels out of place to me now.  I search the world for clues of my life.  Where did I come from and why am I still alive?  These questions are burning within my eternal soul, for I cannot die by any means known to me.  So much of my life has already happened, and yet, this is but the opening page of my story.  My name is Eti; I’m an immortal, and my trials have only  begun.

Note that this isn’t the synopsis for the first book of the series, but a simple teaser for the overall series.

Another great piece of news.  Soon, I’ll have some merchandise to offer, including shirts, stickers, and other wonderful items.  All will be of my own designs and many will have the quotes I share with you.  If you look to the right menu bar (Bottom of the page for you mobile device users.) you’ll find a group of links under RLG Arts.  That is the incredible artist who provided the artwork used on this website.  You can find a ton of items with great artwork on them.  Here’s a link for the homepage of her site.  RLG Arts

Presently, I’m waiting on Amazon’s decision to allow me to offer merchandise on their site, so we shall see.  However, within the next couple weeks, expect a post providing information on my new merchandise.

Speaking of waiting, this is the part I don’t like.  I have my novel “After the Eye Passes” out to the first set of publishers, and now I wait for possible responses.  In the past, I wouldn’t think much of it, as I honestly wasn’t behind my work.  This time, I feel BEST SELLER is in my near future.

Also, I continue to post articles and a few poems over on  Head over to check out what you may have missed.  Follow this link:  A.M.Sawyer’s Medium Profile

Last, but not least, I have my independent side.  I’ll never give it up.  I have several series of books which I feel are mine, and mine alone.  No publishers.  I also have my poetry, which I’ll highlight here today.  Not one, but two poetry books available in paperback and ebooks.  Check them out on Amazon or wherever books are sold!  (Note: Walking into a bookstore, you may have to request it, as I doubt they have any in stock.)  Links are below.

Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection


eBook and Paperback

$8.99 Paperback, $2.99 eBook

Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos

eBook and Paperback

$8.99 Paperback, $2.99 eBook


Thanks for reading.



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