What’s coming up!

It’s never over, I’m never done.
I’ll never stop the fight, until I’ve won.
It’s never hopeless, I’ll never leave.
Nothing can prevent me, for I’ll always believe.
It’s never impossible, I’ll never lose.
It’s my destiny, and it’ll be the one I choose.

Greetings everyone,

First thing on the quick list for today, my upcoming short story.  Yes, I’ve said I have one coming in time for Black Friday (November 28th).  Although the synopsis isn’t quite ready to share, I can say I’m happy with the title.  Without further ado, I present for your reading pleasure (Well, on November 28th at least),  “As The Ashes Fall”

I’m shooting for about 13,000 words for this one, so it should be a good read.  Cover Art will be revealed in early November, along with the cover art of another title. (I’m not saying)

Next on the list is a teaser for the serial novel I’m starting with the official site relaunch on December 1st.  If you haven’t read yet, the overall title of the series is Trials of an Immortal.  This series begins back when the pyramids were new, as our main character Eti, is already old.  How old, well, he’s not quite sure.  Here’s the teaser to help you out:

There’s much of my past that is lost, broken in a war I could never win.  So much of that war I cannot remember, for it feels out of place to me now.  I search the world for clues of my life.  Where did I come from and why am I still alive?  These questions are burning within my eternal soul, for I cannot die by any means known to me.  So much of my life has already happened, and yet, this is but the opening page of my story.  My name is Eti; I’m an immortal, and my trials have only  begun.

Note that this isn’t the synopsis for the first book of the series, but a simple teaser for the overall series.

Another great piece of news.  Soon, I’ll have some merchandise to offer, including shirts, stickers, and other wonderful items.  All will be of my own designs and many will have the quotes I share with you.  If you look to the right menu bar (Bottom of the page for you mobile device users.) you’ll find a group of links under RLG Arts.  That is the incredible artist who provided the artwork used on this website.  You can find a ton of items with great artwork on them.  Here’s a link for the homepage of her site.  RLG Arts

Presently, I’m waiting on Amazon’s decision to allow me to offer merchandise on their site, so we shall see.  However, within the next couple weeks, expect a post providing information on my new merchandise.

Speaking of waiting, this is the part I don’t like.  I have my novel “After the Eye Passes” out to the first set of publishers, and now I wait for possible responses.  In the past, I wouldn’t think much of it, as I honestly wasn’t behind my work.  This time, I feel BEST SELLER is in my near future.

Also, I continue to post articles and a few poems over on Medium.com.  Head over to check out what you may have missed.  Follow this link:  A.M.Sawyer’s Medium Profile

Last, but not least, I have my independent side.  I’ll never give it up.  I have several series of books which I feel are mine, and mine alone.  No publishers.  I also have my poetry, which I’ll highlight here today.  Not one, but two poetry books available in paperback and ebooks.  Check them out on Amazon or wherever books are sold!  (Note: Walking into a bookstore, you may have to request it, as I doubt they have any in stock.)  Links are below.

Shattered Reflections: A Poetic Collection


eBook and Paperback

$8.99 Paperback, $2.99 eBook

Shattered Reflections: Poetry in Chaos

eBook and Paperback

$8.99 Paperback, $2.99 eBook


Thanks for reading.




Update 10-10-2019

Hey everyone,

Things are moving along, so I figured I’d give an update.  I’m still on track to do the full official relaunch of my site, which will be all things Author related.  The Relaunch is December 1st!

Writing has been moving along, including the beginning for the development of weekly serial novel.  My next update will contain details, but it’ll be epic!  Also, “After the Eye Passes” has been written, edited and is being sent out to find a publisher.  This is a great novel about personal loss and tragedy, and how to recover.  Oh, I’m rewriting “Lord of the Mullets”, and since I’m keeping the Trailer Country Trilogy independent, you may see it available soon.  Stay tuned.

Also, in my next update, I’ll reveal the short story I plan to release on Black Friday, November 28th.  Allot going on, and coming up with ideas for the website.

Note: I’ve been posting new articles almost daily on Medium.com, so head over to read and share.  These are all non-author articles, and yet, I do use poetry in some of them.  Here’s the link:  Medium Profile

One more thing, don’t forget that I do have works already out for sale, so head to Amazon or wherever you buy books and look up A.M.Sawyer.  Here’s my link to Amazon, as I love that site.  Amazon Author Page

Thanks for Reading.


Update October 1st…

Well, It’s October 1st, and all my old posts are gone.  If you loved all the poetry, I understand, but I did save it.  As I’ve published 3 total books of poetry, I’m sure there will be a fourth at some point.  Plus, after December 1st, new poems will pop up regularly.  Also as an update, I’ve officially started my posting on Medium.com.  Please help an Author out by reading and sharing.  Here is the link.

Medium link for A.M.Sawyer


Also a reminder, I do have stuff already out to purchase and read, or even listen with an Audio Book.  Click below to head to Amazon to check them out.  Please leave reviews, whether good or bad, numbers count the most.  Thanks.

Amazon Author Page

Last Chance…

As a reminder, if you’d like to read any post on this site before my next round of updates, you have until tomorrow.  I’ll be deleting all previous posts to help make way for the new style beginning December 1st.  I will be posting an update tomorrow, which will include details on my Medium.com articles.  Thanks for reading.

Wanted to share…

I wanted to share a piece from the book I’m presently writing.  As an update, I’ve already completed my novel “After the Eye Passes”, which is roughly 35,000 words. (For inquiries,see last post).  Please read and enjoy this tease of “Dark Omen: The Enchanting Pin”  (Note: Obviously unedited as I’m in the process of writing, so please forgive any mistakes or structure issues and enjoy the story)


Twelve drops of fire and ice, that’s what is believed to have created our world.  That spawned the Realm of the Twelve Kingdoms.  Throughout our history, it’s also the reason the number twelve is both revered and feared among its people.  It has become both the signal of great joy, and the coming of disaster.  Depending on who speaks, it’s carried as a sign of either blessed goodness or incredible evil.  Thus is the fate of the twelve in all things, duality of a balance that never equals.

There is legend about a time before the eternal war, when the Twelve Kingdoms were ruled by great beings of power and wisdom.  These beings, called the Twelve Tears of God by our religious sects, created humans here to prosper and grow.  Within their control were magical tools called the Enchanting Pins.  These jewels held great powers over nature and humankind.  They were not infallible however, as these Enchanting Pins became corrupted by the dark parts of human nature.

It is said that the great beings became overwhelmed by the very tools they used to rule peacefully over our world.  Five of the pins grew so powerful and so evil; they persuaded their owners to wage war.  The first years alone led to the slaughter of thousands of innocents, as the elements suffered as much as the subjects in the Twelve Kingdoms.  In fact, it’s believed that nature was completely thrown off, with fires caused by heat in the winters and blizzards cutting through summer months.  This led to millions of deaths due to loss of food sources and mass extinctions of many beasts of burden.

One final attempt was made by the beings to restore balance to all things.  They created a master pin in secret, one which could overrule and reset the others.  The battle was disastrous, creating the Southern Wastelands and wiping out millions of people.  All twelve beings are believed to have perished, along with the Enchanting Pins.  Yet, it’s said that a curse has the Twelve Kingdoms forever locked in a stalemate of war.

It’s been ten thousand years since that battle is said to have taken place, and rumors are spreading that some of the jewels have survived.  It’s only a matter of time before they’re found, and an ancient prophecy will be fulfilled.

The war which must begin must also end, and the tools of both are linked.  What was lost shall resurface, and five shall outnumber billions on the brink.  Mountains of bones shall rise above, and yet drown under oceans of blood.  If no balance in light and darkness can be found, the fate of the realm shall be sealed within the flood.

Little does this world know, it all begins with me, a poor desperate soldier by the name of Bleit.

Changes are coming…

Greetings everyone,

First, I’d like to apologize for the gap in posting.  To be honest, after many attempts, I’ve realized that blogging isn’t my area for his site.  I’m always one to state that I’m a writer, which spans all markets of literature.  However, as much as I try, my blogs always fall short or shallow of my abilities.  I’ve always known why, but have never been able to push through the issue.  All I end up doing is writing in circles so to speak.

You see, I’m not good at blogging about novelization, which is where my serious abilities are held.  It’s a bit funny really, as about ten years ago I could write an incredible blog with thousands of followers and my book writing was flawed.  Now, I’ve learned how to write a great book, but I’m very generic and weak worded on my blog.  In the past, my blog that received attention had nothing to do with writing.  Instead, it focused on Common Sense and Autism topics.  Honestly, I’m really kicking myself for not sticking with it back then, because it was before I learned you can make money blogging.

Not to worry folks, as I have no intention of turning my author website into something about social and political issues.  However, I am done with a blog style for the website.  Don’t misunderstand, as there will be regular posting on the website once I’m satisfied with my changes.  It’ll focus solely on my written content.

Here’s what is to come on this website.  First, I will officially relaunch this website on December 1st.  The new content will be all material from me as an Author.  We’re talking poetry posts, flash fiction, and I’ll be putting together a serial novel. Although I already have the concept for my serial novel, I’m not revealing anything quite yet.  There will not be one thing that is blog style for content on here.

Now, if you liked my blog posts up until now, but aren’t feeling up to my new direction, don’t worry yourself.  I’m going to be joining the ranks of Medium.com on October 1st.  There, I’ll be heading back to my blog roots by focusing on Autism and Common Sense, along with other social issues.  It’s my hope with blogging there, and the new approach here, they’ll compliment my new mission as a novelist.

Here is my official project timeline, for those curious of my work: (Note: Completed means I’ll begin pitching to publishers, not independently releasing it.)

10/1/2019 – First posts uploaded to Medium.com (2 posts about Autism)
10/1/2019 – My novel “After the Eye Passes” will be completed.

10/20/2019 – My novel “Dark Omen: The Enchanting Pin” will be completed.

11/15/2019 – My novel “Lord of the Mullets” will be rewritten (Independent release at a later date)

11/29/2019 – My short story “On Sides Divided” will be independently published!!!

12/1/2019 – This website will have it’s official relaunch.  (Although a few update posts will hit before this date, the first chapter of my serial novel will mark the new beginning)

Yes, that’s allot going on in a small period of time, from a writing standpoint.  That’s what makes it so much fun.  After all, I’m a novelist and an author, and I will succeed!

Thanks for reading and many blessings to you.


(Please note:  Any post before this one will be deleted on October 1st.  When the new website launches on December 1st, every post from this to that day will also be deleted.)

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